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Recently I came across a blog post written by a free lance writer named Karen Hellier entitled,"In Life and Business, Taking Action Creates Opportunities." As a good piece of writing will do, it elicited a number of comments from people, including the following story related by Jack Lewitz, Realtor® in Evanston Illinois, and paraphrased by me:

Psychotherapist Milton Erickson was treating two lonely patients, one female and and one male. As part of his therapy he told the female to go to the park every day and sit in a specific park bench for a specific period of time. He told the male patient to walk in this park every day at a specific time. These two people finally met each other and no longer complained of being lonely.

This charming story is a good example how action can be better than no action.

Since I am a residential Realtor,® the topic of real estate comes up in conversations for me almost daily. I have heard numerous homeowners say things like, "I wish I lived closer to my grandchildren" or "I've always dreamed about living in San Francisco," or "I sure am getting tired of all these stairs," and, "I want to do more gardening than I can here."

Take actionWhat is keeping these sellers from taking action and moving on with their lives and their dreams?

Sometimes it could be that they are simply overwhelmed by the idea of selling their property, and have no idea what is involved in the process or how to start. That is completely understandable since a property owner feeling this way likely has not sold a property for many year. This is new, uncharted water to them.

This doesn't have to be a stumbling block.

The first step to take is to get in touch with a trusted real estate professional. A good Realtor® will listen and will ask open ended questions so she (or he) has a thorough understanding of the situation. She will explain the selling process, breaking it into easy-to-understand steps and will prepare a complimentary market analysis so the seller knows what a likely sales price would be. The Realtor® and the property owner will discuss whether this is the right time to sell, both from a financial standpoint and from the sellers' own particular standpoint and move forward as appropriate. This is a service I, and many Realtors® are happy to provide at no cost or obligation.

While I am certainly not a proponent of selling before the time is right for the seller, I believe potential sellers owe it to themselves to find out - and then  take the action they determine is best for them.

Buyers, too, can be stymied by inaction. Read the post by Jack Lewitz for some good advice for buyers, and how they might take action to propel their lives forward.



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Take Action - Advice for Sellers
Recently I came across a blog post written by a free lance writer named Karen Hellier entitled, " In Life and Business, Taking Action Creates Opportunities " As a good piece of writing will do, it elicited a number of comments from people,… more
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