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Another great idea to get lots of information to us. Share what's going on in your part of the world. We want to know.


Housing Market SnapshotSeveral weeks ago I wrote a blog asking how we Realtors allowed ourselves to become the target market for those who were trying to sell advertising space back to us alongside our own listings.  Many people who commented suggested that we figure out a solution.  So I've been thinking about that.  And I have an idea.  With Bob Stewart's approval (which has been given),  we're going to give you the opportunity to produce something that no outside website or group can touch - an Active Rain Realtor driven survey of the housing market in America.

Now, why would you want to participate in this?

First, because the first person to participate from each state gets 1,000 free bonus points!

Second,because everyone else who responds gets the standard 25 bonus points.  (Whoopee right?  Wait...there's more!)

Third,because you can re blog this survey and push it out to your market, SOI and readers.  Re blogging gets another 25 bonus points.

Fourth, because you can take the results and write your own blog about the housing market snapshot.  That's another couple of hundred points.  (And it's required to get the 1,000 bonus points too)

Fifth,because someone among us might be bright enough to take all the results and publish them in a very cool Excel graph.  And if you do that and it looks awesome, you might just get featured here at AR and then everyone might use your chart and re blog it or blog using it (with your permission of course).  But watch out if you plan to do this.  Renee Burrows rocks at charts!

Finally, think about the power that we are going to be able to create for ourselves.  Nobody else in the world of real estate has the power to produce or gather real time housing activity like those of us who work in the trenches of real estate.  Sure, people push housing market numbers out, but this is going to be different.  This survey is going to give people a look into the housing market in a different way.  And done right, this thing could go viral, meaning it sweeps across the real estate landscape and becomes the talk and tool of the real estate world.  And who will they be talking about?  US because WE produced it.

So here's how you participate and earn your 1000 bonus points.

Be the first person from your state to leave a comment on this blog answering the following two questions. 

Question #1 -My market area is...

Brisk - my phone is ringing, sellers are selling and buyers are buying
Moderate - my phone is ringing occasionally, some sellers are selling and some buyers are buying
Weak - not much happening right now

Question #2 - My Current Housing Market Conditions... 

Our prices are holding and buyers are buying
Our sellers are reducing prices and buyers are buying
Our prices are rising and buyers are buying
Our prices are rising and buyers are not buying

Then write at least a hundred word description of the above two conditions in your response.  Tell us about your market.  For example, in my area, the market literally died for about two weeks after the tax credit expired, but it is now picking up again.  However, we are still seeing sellers having to price in order to get their house sold.

Finally, take your answer and turn it into a blog.  To be eligible for the 1,000 bonus points, you have to be the first person from your state to leave a comment that meets the criteria and writes a follow up blog.  Please make the title of your blog, "The Active Rain Realtor Nationwide Survey about (State).  A link to your blog must be left here in the comments.  Imagine the Google Juice and exposure we will all get when masses of cities and states begin flooding into the Google search engines.  Heck, you might even get quoted in your local or state media!

Remember, be sure to come back and leave a link to your blog.

We will run this contest from today until June 6th, so hurry and get your response in and your blog written so that you can earn your bonus points and be a part of the very first nationwide Active Rain Realtor Housing Market Survey!

Please do not ask why we are not doing individual towns and/or cities.  At this time it would be an accounting nightmare.  This is something being worked on and may be able to be incorporated the next time we do our survey.

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Comment balloon 1 commentLottie Kendall • May 23 2010 01:00PM


Question #1 -My market area is...Brisk - my phone is ringing, sellers are selling and buyers are buying

Question #2 - My Current Housing Market Conditions... 
Our prices are rising and buyers are buying

San Ramon CA. People are camping out to buy new homes. I've heard up to 9 days 24/7. I participated in a camp out for one of my buyers. One of the larger builder no longer pays for buyer representation, preferring to sell direct. As cycles of real estate go, this points to an extremely stong sellers market. Their releases are about every 5 weeks. Prices are going up about $7,000 each release. Most newer (newish) resales on the east side of town get 5-10 offers after limited showingss (broker's tour, open Sat 1-4 and Sun 1-4). Offers are then reviewed on Monday evening.

Posted by Vickie Nagy, Vickie Jean the Palm Springs Condo Queen (Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate) over 10 years ago