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From our colleague Liz Bolton comes this information about a must-see documentary. It fits right into my latest blog about recycling of electronic waste -- we really do need to start taking better care of our earth!

gas plantI've always been appalled by the ads you see on tv from energy companies - the B.S. is so obvious no matter how they try to pretty it up.  Now I have the facts to back up my instinctive recoil.

I heard about the new HBO documentary Gasland on NPR this morning and it's on John Stewart as I type.

More importantly it's on HBO On Demand in the Documentary section and it is a MUST SEE.  I just watched the film for two hours with my jaw hanging open - the story is that atrocious. Usually I'm multi-tasking while the TV is on but this film was riveting.

Gasland tells the story of the natural gas extraction industry's unregulated atrocities.  Unregulated and not subject to any of the Clean Water and Clean Air regulations - thanks in great part to Dick Cheney. 

The list of over 500 chemicals used, the map showing these gas wells covering much of the country (not New England knock on wood), the amount of contaminated water that's created, the tractor trailer trips needed, the impact on water, people, animals - not to mention the water from the faucet that you can light with a match - believe me your jaw will be dropping too. 

Clean energy my ***. 

I can't urge you enough to watch this expose.  It's a little quirky at times but it is amazingly powerful.

We've been getting daily updates on the spoiling of the ocean and it turns out we're spoiling the ground water, streams and wells in large parts of the country too.

Time to rethink our energy use.

Time to start saving for my solar panels.

PS - can I just say that the brain washing by the natural gas industry is so succesful that half the photos of gas plants I perused have "clean energy" among their key words?!  Blow my mind. 

--- Come for a visit; Stay for a lifetime!

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